Our Team

Meet our team members—students from all across majors and disciplines.

Co-Founders & Co-Organizers

Shen Lee

Hotel Administration, 2020

Favorite Fruit: Avocado

Nicole Lee

Sociology, 2019

Favorite Fruit: Fuji Apple

Partnerships & Outreach

Serena Chen

Applied Economics & Management, 2023 

Favorite Fruit: Avocado

Danielle Gill

Cornell MBA, 2021

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

Yun Liu

First-Year Cornell MPH

Favorite Fruit: Orange

Delia Hughes

Cornell MBA, 2020

Food Science, 2014 

Favorite Fruit: Tomato

Elaine Tu

Hotel Administration, 2020

Favorite Fruit: Grapefruit

Andrew Petterson

Applied Economics & Management, 2020

Favorite Fruit: Guava

Elena Runfeldt

Nutritional Sciences, 2022

Favorite Fruit: Grapefruit

Marketing & Communications

Isabel Lu (Team Lead)

Nutritional Sciences, 2020

Favorite Fruit: Persimmon

Hannah Rosenberg

Environment & Sustainability, 2023

Favorite Fruit: Blueberries

Mary Gaffney

Applied Economics & Management, Communication, 2022

Favorite Fruit: Mango

Mayra Miranda

Biological Engineering, 2023

Favorite Fruit: Granadilla

Operations & Logistics

Samantha Heller (Team Lead)

Global and Public Health Sciences, 2023

Favorite Vegetable: Sweet Potato

Sarah Coupal

Nutritional Sciences, 2022

Favorite Fruit: Pear

Anshuman Gupta (Team Lead)

Cornell MPA, 2020

Favorite Fruit: Banana

Leah Smith

Nutritional Sciences, 2023

Favorite Fruit: Raspberries

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